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About Patricia Moon

Patricia Moon is a spanish singer-songwriter, musician, composer and music arranger.

Bachelor´s degree in music, specialized in violin and opera, in Vigo, Spain, she moved to Berlin to improve her music knowledge with Prof. Tomasz Tomaszewski (concertmaster of the Deutsche Opera, Berlin, Germany) for four years. In 2010 she was awarded a scholarship to the most prestigious music universities in the world:  Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA).

She developed her music childhood under the influence of rock and classic music because of her studies at the Conservatory. The influences in her music are rock, classical, soul and jazz artists such as Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Nirvana and Kurt Weill among others, all characteristics are reflected her eclectic music.

Violinist of the well-known musician Matt Elliott (UK), she has worked with international important artists such as The Posies, Ken Stringfellow (REM, Big Star); notable spanish bands like Siniestro Total, Los Piratas, Marc Eagleton (Natacha Atlas), Eladio y los Seres Queridos, Fon Roman, Andy Chango, or film composers like Manuel Villalta.

In 2010 she released her first solo album “Patricia Moon” (El Pescador de Estrellas/ Emi Music), an acoustic album which shows her multi-instrumentalist role.

Before that, she took part as a violinist in the Spanish swing rock band Trem Fantasma and they recorded an album called “Tirez sur le pianiste”.

Patricia Moon appeared all over the world after living in a glass house in the centerof Madrid in 2007.

She spent a week there with only her violin and her voice, developing an original musical composition from scratch. This project had a great impact worldwide, with coverage in 37 countries: a variety of TV stations aired her story (TVE, TVE2, La Sexta, Telecinco, Antena 3, La Cuatro, TVG, etc.) interviews for newspapers and magazines all over the world (El Pas, El Mundo, London Times, BBC, Le Figaro, China Post, El Yucatán, Strad, Elle, Hello!).

She was also notably interviewed on a variety TV shows (Good Morning America (US), España Directo), and radio stations (National Radio of Colombia, Onda Cero, etc…).

Patricia Moon
Patricia Moon

She has toured over Europe, Asia and USA as a soloist, with orchestras or with international musicians as mentioned above such as:

Ken Stringfellow (REM. Big Star), The Posies or Matt Elliott. She has played notable venues and festivals such as: Berklee Performance Center (Boston, USA), Gala CIRCOM (Awards Ceremony European TV), Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards (USA), TVE “Conciertos de Radio 3” , Sala Clamores Jazz (Madrid), Interceltic Festival of Lorient (France), Imaxinasons Jazz Festival (Vigo), La Cartonerie (Reims, FR).

Primavera Sound Festival (Barcelona), Philharmonie (Berlin), Teatro Royal (Bari, Italy), “Les tombées de la Nuit” Festival (Rennes, France), “Les Nuits du Botanique Festival” (Bruxelles), Le Triptyque (París), Sala Galileo (Madrid), Sala Clamores Jazz (Madrid), Sala Costello (Madrid), “Spanish Taste” Festival in Liverpool, Frankfurt y Edimburgo; tour in China: Congress Hall en Pekin, Daquing, Haerbin, Huheaote, Nanchang, Longyan, Zhangzhou, Jinan, Jinzhou.

Patricia Moon just has became an artist of the american musical instrument manufacturing companies NS Design and D’ Addario Strings.


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